The mission of the non-profit Root 66 Community Garden is to educate local citizens of all ages about the healthful benefits of gardening, while strengthening and building our community, and enjoying the fruits of our labors.  We intend to improve the quality of life and access to healthy food options in the Inland Empire region of San Bernardino County California through:

  • The provision of garden plots to anyone with an interest in growing their own food and especially to low-income families with children
  • The donation of food to local food banks and homebound seniors
  • The revitalization of the local viticulture heritage
  • Education in gardening and food production
  • The establishment of a Farmer’s Market

Our goals are to teach organic gardening techniques, assist neighborhoods in building successful community gardens, create outdoor learning opportunities, and encourage nutrition and respect for the environment.  We will increase access to low-cost, locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, and practice responsible land use.

While the community as a whole will benefit from this community garden endeavor, we are also focused on providing greater access to fresh produce to the local food banks, low income individuals and the homebound senior citizens (San Bernardino County has the worst access to healthy food options than anywhere else in the State of California).  Additionally we are developing partnerships with the local school districts, city, and churches to provide educational opportunities for children and citizens of all ages in how to grow food, nutrition, health and well-being, water conservation, horticultural therapy, sustainable communities and much more.

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