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The Root 66 Garden will have a number of components and/or modules that need to be developed in order to fulfill its mission including: the Water System; the Garden Market; Community Garden Plots; Events and Recreation; Education; the Historic Vineyard; Fundraising and Sponsorships; and Partnerships.

Our current and pressing priority is the development of the Water System, the components of which include:

  • Well development including power (a solar/electric hybrid system) and pump.
  • Water storage system comprising a minimum of three 5000 gallon water storage tanks and an auxiliary pump to distribute water into the irrigaiton system.
  • Installation of the irrigation system for the first phase and the vineyard.

Aquiring a large piece of donated land with an old agricultural well (and the water rights) is an unheard of boon in our dry and developed region.  Without access to the water we cannot proceed with the community garden.  The approximate cost of equipping the water system is $100,000.  We are interested in creating a sustainable and energy efficient water pumping and irrigation system.  We are currently seeking proposals and quotes for innovative designs that will meet our water needs.  We are interested in corporate sponsors, donated and/or second hand equipment, pro bono time expertise and donors willing to help us equip the water system.

     Gardening is civil and social, but it wants the vigor and freedom of the forest and the outlaw.

                                        ~Henry David Thoreau

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